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Art History is a rich, interdisciplinary field of study that promotes critical thinking and writing skills, applicable and useful for any professional position post-graduation. The collection of video resources aim to answer three questions:

-What is unique about UW Art History and what are our collective stories within the discipline?

-What factors bring Art Historians (at every level and stage of their education) into this discipline?

-What unique attributes and resources do our students have access to, and how do these attributes impact their professional lives?

Why UW Art History?

What is unique about Art History as a discipline and what does it mean to study Art History at UW? Students, Alumni, and Faculty from the School of Art + Art History + Design at the University of Washington, Seattle, share insights into what they love about Art History and how it has shaped them. 

UW Art History Faculty Voices

How does one come to be an Art Historian? The UW Art History faculty reflect on the the forces that led them towards a life committed to Art History as a pathway, and what they love about their teaching and research. 

UW Art History Alumni Stories

Art History Alumni reflect on the unique and valuable lens gained from UW Art Historical coursework, and look back on how their educational pathway has shaped their professional lives. 

UW Art History Student Stories

What draws students into the Art History discipline? Listen to experiences and advice from those currently studying Art History at the University of Washington.

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